Terms & Conditions

For customers purchasing wearable art:

Some things to know about Shrink Plastic:
1) I have sealed the charms with a sealer- but please know they could become damaged if exposed to water.
2) They can be breakable if handled roughly- many of the charms I make are very small and have thin appendages (bird wings, etc), so it is possible that they may break. I have used super glue in some of my experimentation charms, and it holds well. If an item is shipped and you find this happens, please let me know and I will send you another one. If you happen to break one of your charms, please send me an email and I can send you another charm for a fee + shipping. 
3) Because I hand draw and shade each charm, please know that not all charms will look exactly the same- this adds to their uniqueness and should not be considered a flaw. 
4) All designs are original- I hold all rights to designs and photos taken of my jewelry- please respect this. Thank you


Privacy Policy:

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