Fresh Finds: January

Ice Blue, Obsidian, & Carnation Pink


Strange color combo- right? Two soft pastels with a shiny polished black- the duality is stunning.   Duality and contrast is the theme this month since I do have a love/hate relationship with January. New Year- new beginnings, more snow- will winter ever end? The big three: Ice Blue, Obsidian, & Carnation Pink. Please click the links below to check out these lovely Etsy shops!

January Fresh Finds.jpg

Fresh Finds: November

Mustard, Merlot, & Sea Green

At the beginning of every month I will be offering some inspiring collections of artists, crafters, and vintage sellers I find on Etsy (and beyond). For this collection, I wanted to find some cozy items that matched the color tones of my red fox mala bracelet. I picked three deep jewel fall tones: mustard, merlot, and sea green.