Terms & Conditions

Important Information about the art:

  1.  All designs are original- the artists holds all rights to designs and photos taken of her art- please respect this. 
  2. Artwork can be very fragile- sculptures and clay pieces can be very delicate and must be handled accordingly. The artwork on this website is not recommended for children.
  3. Enamel earrings are made with consideration for people with sensitivities to metal. Stud earrings are made from brass with a silver plating to ease these sensitivities, as opposed to nickel which is the most common metal found in enamel jewelry. However, this does not guarantee a slight reaction if you are allergic to certain metals. Enamel necklace charms are made of nickel. 
  4. Gift wrapping and personalized notes are available to any buyer that wants to give these pieces as gifts. 
  5. At this time custom orders are not being accepted for clay or enamel jewelry pieces. Malas are the only exception since they are considered very personal pieces and should be customized to the recipient. 



Privacy Policy:

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