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about the artist

 Hello! I am so happy you found me. 

My name is Emily Thomson, and I am a mixed media artist located in the "Enchanted Mountains" of Western New York. 

My love for nature and animals goes way back to my childhood living in a picturesque neighborhood in the middle of the woods. I was always surrounded by birds, amphibians, and a large assortment of mammalian wildlife.  I always preferred stuffed animals over baby dolls.

My work stretches vast assortments of mediums, and my style can vary too. That is why I offer two separate shops here on my website. i will introduce you to the two:

ONE WILDERNESS: This has become a place where I can experiment with my mixed media passion, and I have particularly been fascinated with crystals and their healing abilities. My pieces for ONE WILDERNESS are primarily natural clay sculptures with mixed media components, and crystals are found embedded in (almost) every piece. For my sacred sculptures, I use findings from renowned supply shops like Woman Shops World, and vintage and rare findings that I discover by endlessly searching flea markets and estate sales. This art is a labor of love from start to finish, and these pieces are infused with the best intentions I have to offer. ONE WILDERNESS  is all about healing. 

PERIWINKLE NUTHATCH: My primary shop since 2011 when I started selling my artwork on Etsy (I still have a shop on Etsy and have also been happy selling on such a wonderful platform), this shop is really focused on my bird artwork, particularly bird sculptures/miniatures. Sculpting bird species has been an incredibly comforting experience for me, particularly since bird watching is on of my most favorite pastimes. I keep several varieties of feeders and have attracted birds such as baltimore orioles, goldfinches, rose breasted grosbeaks, titmice (titmouses?), chickadees, white crowned sparrow, red bellied, hairy, and downy woodpeckers, and even the elusive pileated woodpecker! I also offer more colorful and whimsical art: nesting dolls, animal plushies, illustration prints, and my new line of enamel jewelry. Colorful, fun, happy, and a little break from the ordinary sums up PERIWINKLE NUTHATCH.  

My work can be found other places too!


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So i'll brag just a teeny tiny little bit. I have also been featured on: