About - Emily Rose Thomson

A Lump of Clay. A Streak of Paint. A Bird as Muse. Welcome to the Whimsical World of Emily Rose Thomson

Hello! Thanks for stopping by and visiting the creatures that I love to make so much.

A Little About Me:
I live in the Enchanted Mountains of Western New York. I am immensely inspired by nature. From songbirds that visit my feeders, to Canada geese and common mergansers that swim in the river across the road, to the rabbits and deer that frolic in my backyard, my muses are everywhere.

My Business
My Etsy shop launched in 2011 and has expanded from shrink plastic jewelry to a diverse line of products. My first official website launched in 2015 and I am finally realizing my dream of being an in-demand artist and bringing smiles (and sometimes, happy tears) to people's faces. I am so incredibly grateful to my customers. I have so many repeat buyers, some that have been with me from the start and some that are only recently discovering my work. My customers are the most amazing part of this entire experience.

My Art
My art form is diverse, but all of my pieces are inspired by nature. I love creating with all forms of art, so that is why you don't see just one medium brought to focus. Primarily, however, I would say the medium I am most comfortable with is clay. From clay, I sculpt figurines, pin cushions, ring holders, trinket dishes, and much more. I also love jewelry design, and although I do not make the actual jewelry, I design the pieces entirely. I have a lovely manufacturing shop that bring my ideas to life in a form of wearable art. Other forms I adore are paper mache, fabric art (needlepoint, needlepunch, sewing), wood (nesting dolls, peg dolls), stationary and card-making, and digital design and pattern-making. I am always looking for new types of art medium to create! I think the process of expressing my creativity in so many different ways is what makes my creatures a little more unique, and also a little harder to brand. "Oh you make art! What kind of art do you make?" Ummmmmmmm, well.......

My work has been seen on Buzzfeed, Fab, Monoco, ScoutMob, and I have been interviewed by OwnIt, a website aimed at small business owners, and Etsy often puts spotlights on my work. For example, my clay owl totems were part of Etsy's #DifferenceMakesUs giveaway on Instagram! I also sold my bird earrings at the Harvard Museum of Natural History gift shop, one of the most exciting highlights of my art career.

A Little More About Me:
Aside from creating, I obviously enjoy bird watching, vegan cooking, and gardening. Some more unusual hobbies is my love for art-house cinema, foreign cinema, and old Hollywood ranging from silent film to 1960s film. I adore live music, and I recently started bowling!

I live in a white farmhouse on the Allegheny River with my cats, guinea pig, and and a menagerie of song birds and wild animals.

Want some behind the scenes or sneak peeks of my work? Head over to my Instagram or my TikTok!

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